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TBWA, Zurich / MCDONALD'S / 2022

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Situation: McDonald's has been listening for several years to its guests to define what will make its products tastier. And this is what has been defined as crucial and the changes that have been made according to it. It is the biggest change to Core burgers that McDonald’s has seen in 20 years. What really makes a difference are the changes in preparation.

Brief: Creating a 360-degree campaign

Objectives: Increase GC (guest counts) by 1.5% via incremental frequency gains of core product consumers. Convince the Swiss to try McDonald's improved classic burgers by informing them about the improve in taste, juiciness and temperature (hotter burger).

Visit McDonald's and taste the new products and see/taste the changes by their own, instead of hesitating on which IEO burger restaurant they should visit for best taste.


To promote the changes of the iconic ingredients of the classic burgers at McDonald's and involve a younger audience, we invented the Comment Contest. The idea: Participants have to write all the ingredients in the comments. Every ingredient in a separate comment. Without getting interrupted. The follower with all the correct ingredients in the comments in a row, wins the contest.


Target audience: Millenials Burger lovers, with a special focus on Trendsetters as opinion leaders. They are light and medium users and love McDonald's for their classics but also visit other IEO Burger places like Burger King. Also there, they mainly consume classics. They are hard to convince with classic advertisements, they want to experience and taste by their own. They want to be involved and taken serious and make their opinion count.

Approach: I face so many food advertisement everyday, I know companies want to sell their product to me and will use any means and advertisements. I rather go to what I know, I stay on the safe sice and for me it is important to build my own opinion. Especially when it comes to food, I need to taste to believe.


Implementation: The contest was implemented in the Social Media channels of McDonald's. The final post for the contest, was implemented on Instagram.

Timeline: The contest took place from Nov.4 to Nov.5.

Teaser: Over two weeks before the contest, we teased the contest on Social Media (owned and sponsored).

Placement: Instagram

Scale: One post in a classic 1:1 format.


Reach: Over 25'000 (organic users) in only 24 hours.

Response rate: 13'800 comments

Change in behaviour: Interest and learning about the product changes.

Consumer awareness: Also the younger audience from McDonald's was reached.

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