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Situation :

They are 4 majors competitors on French TV market, Orange is the leader and is constantly challenged by the others.

Content is key in this battle and each competitors claim they have a great content offer and put the emphase on their partnership.

Objective :

Let families know that Orange TV is the best content offer with OCS, Netflix, Canal, BeIn, Orange VOD, etc for all the members of the family.

Brief :

With all the diversity of Orange entertainment, you are sure to find something to watch with your family but it won't be easy to agree on what to watch.


At Orange TV, we have a hyper-rich content offer, combining Netflix, OCS and Canal +, allowing to make everyone agree in the family.

The film showcases a battle between the father and the mother of our Orange family.

It's this disagreement that our campaign is inspired by, moving quickly between series and from one film genre to another, where we fight to better reconnect each other. The mother and father chase each other through different universes that

represent the various genres of our favourite TV shows, that everyone can have fun finding in this reference-packed film.

Their son manages to separate them by grabbing the thing they are fighting over : the remote control.

At the end, they are going to enjoy a great family evening thanks to Orange TV.


Orange TV gives viewers complete access to the widest range of

films and latest TV series. In order to prove that, for the first time, Orange is bringing its partners Canal +, Netflix and OCS together within the same exciting campaign to showcase the variety of content available on Orange TV.

But faced with all this choice, how can we agree on what to watch when we gather around the TV as a family in the evenings?

The film allows to showcase all the richness of Orange TV contents throughout a lot of references and the reconnection between the family members enjoying a piece of content.


According to the subject of the campaign, the film was shot in a very cinematic

style with especially a long version (60s and 1m46), scenes are spectacular and we have a lot of references dealed with the partners. We succeed to get references of our favourite TV shows, including Game Of Thrones and The Handmaid's Tale (OCS), Hippocrate and The Bureau (Canal +), and Stranger Things and Money Heist (Netflix).

We have started to work on this campaign one year ago.

The campaign will be rolled out across TV, digital channels and social media from 14 April.


The campaign started in the middle of April, from now we get PR and more than 100K views on youtube & social platforms but we still don't have the results for now.

The campaign has 880 grp. A 2nd wave is planned in October 2019.

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