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ARC WORLDWIDE, Sydney / OPTUS / 2005

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Optus has used animals as its core brand idea for over 10 years. We had to find a new way to use animals and fuse them with the products’ benefits. We then executed this campaign idea through-the-line. ATL media established OB credentials in convergence. It raised awareness and provided a consistent presence in the B2B environment. Web provided product demonstrations demystifying the product and capturing leads. DM and telemarketing initially qualified, educated and established product recommendations for each company. Recommendations were communicated back to prospects via product-specific packs. These were then followed with lead generation telemarketing.


We generated a total of 527 leads, beating the original objective by 585%. The leads were further qualified, with 90 entering into dialogue with Optus. The purchase cycle for convergence technology is 6 -18 months. Each of the qualified leads represents an average value of over $100,000. The campaign is being evolved and will continue throughout this year.

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