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JWT SPAIN, Madrid / GMODELO / 2012

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Save the Beach is a CSR platform created by Corona beer brand to defend and preserve the Europena coast. Our creative idea was to build a real hotel, made entirely of garbage, that people could visit and even book for a night, in order to drive social attention on the dramatic situation of beaches and their environment.Our hotel was built from 12 tons of garbage collected on European beaches, and assembled by the well-known German artist H. A. Schult. The hotel was first presented in Rome in June 2010, and then the decision was taken to bring it to Madrid in January 2011, as one of the public events during FITUR, the most important tourism fair.The main objective was to create buzz and media coverage, such as direct and indirect participation with the event and, in general, consolidate Corona´s CSR trough publicity. In a market strongly ravaged by the downturn, inside the beer category, that was losing volume, the objective was in addition to defend Corona’s position in the market, in spite of its very low SOV.All these objectives were covered with amazing and category-breaking results. The international media coverage generated by the Garbage Hotel has been measured : 1588 clips in 230 countries and de publicity value of over 9 millon Euros. Today, one year after, we can still read on-line 16,500 blog posts about the Corona Garbage Hotel, 200 of them posted in the last month!In addition to that, in spite of the downturn and winter low season trends, and most of all, while Corona maintained a premium price position in the market, the SOM of Corona, during the hotel event and later, recovered its high season summer position, while the sales volume raise a 8.5% during the event period.This case is a very good demonstration of how a great creative idea can spread worldwide pushed forward by its own energy through publicity, buzzing and social mentions. It is also proof of how creative work for brands can be much bigger and more ambitious than just ads and communication campaigns, offering real experiences to people.

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