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DENTSU INC., Tokyo / KODANSHA / 2018

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Nowadays many serious problems occur around the world: extinction, poaching and global warming. The number of endangered species on Japan’s Red List has increased by 479 species in the last ten years, 3,634 species in total. At this moment as well, animals are disappearing from the world forever. Almost everyone, however, is apathetic about this. Why? Since we are usually not connected with animal life. Reportedly, those who are “interested in global environment” declined by 5% from what of 10 years ago.

Kodansha's animal encyclopedia "MOVE", as the best-selling encyclopedia, the key mission is raising interests in animal life. Accordingly MOVE set the goal: take an action so children can touch, feel and realize the animal ecosystem and their value with aiming for a solution to the environmental problems.


This interactive exhibition was held at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, which is one of the greatest organizations in education. Succeeding to raise their sympathy with our mission of biodiversity protection, this exhibition had a long run of six months. We approached elementary schools and kindergartens by delivering parents/teachers special brochures to enlighten the attractiveness of the exhibition in light of educational purpose. This led to group-visits as their extracurricular activity. Photo spots with wearable animal body parts were prepared such as Morpho Butterfly, Mantis and Shellfish, as well as original café menus with motif of penguins or pill bugs. It created a lot of Social mentions.

Furthermore, a special promotion was implemented on UN World Wildlife Day, March 3rd, giving out personalized animal encyclopedia with a photo of you on the front cover. This personalized book became a topic and succeeded growing awareness toward protecting wild life.

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