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R/GA, New York / COVENANT HOUSE / 2021

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Covenant House has been helping young people experiencing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking for 50 years. While their commitment to those who turn to them is unwavering, Covenant House needed their donor community to match that focus with more long-term engagement. They came to us seeking to inspire a younger audience to join their mission—with a new visual, verbal and experiential brand identity to match that felt more cohesive across their many locations globally.


Covenant House needed to encourage people to move beyond one-off donations and to truly see themselves as part of a long-term mission—so we built a brand that activates commitment by turning it into an action. Heroing the voices of the entire Covenant House community, our new brand focuses on the impact of each individual that walks through any Covenant House doors. Our brand encourages everyone to sign a pledge, uphold their covenant, and share that commitment with others to inspire more. Change comes in many forms, so our brand is also about honoring everyone’s journey and meeting each individual where they are, championing the value of community along the way.


To build our brand, we first started with the most important part of it—the young people who Covenant House serve. We were inspired by the real journeys, quotes and handwriting of the young people that have had their lives transformed by Covenant House unconditional love and absolute respect, turning those insights into our most important brand tools—our handwriting-inspired typography, our fundamental iconography, our transformative stories, and our interactive pledge-seeker where we allow our donors to become a part of our brand. Whereas other non-profit organizations often use tactics like sadness and desperation, we took the opposite approach by building a brand that shares positivity, inspiring others to get involved.


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