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AMVBBDO, London / MARS / 2019

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This film was developed to run throughout Europe. This is the heartland of Eurovision, the home of Englebert Humperdink and Serge Gainsborough where few things hold the charm, old-fashioned romance and seduction of the crooner. Where the styling from the pencil microphone and the open shirt neck (with just a glimpse of chest hair,) down to the blue studio hues and the warm, slight misty grade, evoke memories of those few, magnetic individuals who held us captivated, putty in their hands.

In Europe, the premium cat food brand Sheba has existed since the 1980s and has always represented the charms of our feline friends and the power these furry little rock stars hold over us. The “Resistance is Futile” platform has run throughout Europe since 2016 and this year this execution and its partner “tarot” have been captivating cat owners in France and the UK in both Cinema and TV.


For this film we chose to echo the most persuasive love song writers of all time, the French chanteurs. An authentic 1970s TV set was re-created in the mind of the cat, featuring our own seductive crooner and trio of backing singers. TV performances from this era were typically mimed to a pristine studio recording, before turning the microphone on for a live spoken word middle section delivered straight to camera. This trick was widely employed in the 1970s to give a live feel without putting pressure on the singer to hit the high notes whilst trying to look suave! The performance was recorded on set using a vintage pencil microphone to capture genuine acoustics and timbre. The mix was treated through reel-to-reel tape processing and then mastered at Abbey Road studios, London for a 7” vinyl release.

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