Cannes Lions


ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / MARS / 2015


1 Bronze Cannes Lions
2 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
Case Film
Case Film






First Days Out follows the lives of 2 ex-convicts just after having been released from prison. Facing the drama and difficulties of readapting to society, both men adopt dogs that have similarly been waiting behind bars for a long time (to be adopted, in their case). The initiative shows just how much a dog can help people get through the most difficult moments in their lives, serving as a practical demonstration of Pedigree’s new stance: everyone’s better with a dog. Every dog is better with Pedigree. Feed the good.


The film was launched on Pedigree’s fan pages in various countries. Shortly thereafter, the spot was added to YouTube preroll content. At the same time, a vigorous PR campaign engaged a number of people with ties to dogs.

From journalists to TV personalities, as well as ordinary people, the campaign’s PR initiative guaranteed a varied array of coverage within the desired community, thus affecting an ever-greater number of dog lovers.

This meant that other websites, blogs, magazines, TV shows and even Instagram and Twitter handles started publicizing First Days Out. Given its content and its emotional force, many people saw their relationships with their own dogs in the film; they passed its message on, in doing so reaching a second target – non-dog lovers.


The numbers speak to the project’s success. By the date of registration, the film had been seen over 9 million times. On the first day that it was posted on the brand’s fan pages, it hit 2.8 million views, plus 142,000 likes and over 78.000 shares. The brand’s fan page also saw a 80% bump in its followers.

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