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FP7/BAH, Manama / BATELCO / 2011

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Batelco, Bahrain’s leading Telecommunications Company, wanted to design a notepad for internal use. The problem was that recyclable paper comprises 800 tonnes of Bahrain’s daily waste. However, chemicals used for recycling are not entirely environmentally friendly.

With 1600 employees, Batelco themselves use 16 million sheets of paper per year. The challenge was to produce notepads for Batelco without adding to the problem. We collected used sheets of paper, flipped them around, and turned them into notepads to write on their blank sides. The rest of the paper was stacked, wrapped into reams and their blank sides used for reprinting. 8 different environmental communication messages were designed as notepad and ream covers. These designs became ads in magazines and newspapers. The designs became indoor & outdoor posters across Bahrain, reprinted on the back of Batelco’s old campaign posters. The environment communication messages became radio spots. 
The notepads inspired a Facebook application.


We collected used sheets of paper in boxes placed around the BATELCO office. The sheets were then flipped around, cut and turned into notepads to write on the blank sides. The rest of the paper was stacked, wrapped into reams and used for printing again on the blank sides. The notepads and the reams were mailed to BATELCO employees around the network. Our notepad covers were 8 Different environment communication messages creating public awareness, which covered topics such as the conservation of electricity, oxygen, water and more. To raise public awareness, these notepad cover designs were turned in to ads and into indoor and outdoor posters across Bahrain, printed on the back of BATELCO 's old campaign posters. To increase awareness further, the environment communication messages became radio spots. An interactive Facebook application raised consciousness online and generated engagement, comments and multi-layered interactions.


We cut paper consumption of BATELCO offices around the network by 50%. 15 local companies and BATELCO’s regional network adopted the initiative and together will save 104 tonnes of paper, nearly 2200 trees. Campaign incurred no cost. Union Press sponsored printing. All magazines and few leading newspapers sponsored up to 3 months ad space. Kassab Media sponsored outdoor and indoor sites. City Centre and Seef Mall sponsored sites within premises. Generating over USD 294,429 of unpaid media, it spread environmental awareness in Bahrain. Over 320,000 Facebook tab impressions, 30% of Bahrain’s population.

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