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During the Coronavirus lockdown, thousands of frontline workers were rightly being honoured as they put themselves on the line for the greater good of society. But they weren't the only ones who made sacrifices. All over the world, millions of everyday people were also self-isolating at home for the greater good. Our brief was to cast a spotlight on the regular people and thank them for their sacrifices.


We launched Stay At Home heroes, a poster series and bespoke Snapchat Lens designed to honour everyday people for their sacrifices during lockdown. Our societies honour military heroes with medals and commendations for their bravery, courage and sacrifice. In this idea we celebrated everyday people for coping with the new, everyday challenges they faced as they worked, home-schooled and otherwise tried to keep things together as they self-isolated from home with their families.


Everyone made sacrifices during lockdown, and this idea sought to cast a spotlight on what a vast swathe of the population was going through. By branding everyone as a Stay At Home Hero for the simple act of staying at home, we celebrated everyday Bahrainis at a time they very much needed to be celebrated.


This poster series employed photography of everyday Bahrainis posing stoically in their lockdown garment of choice - their pyjamas. Those pyjamas were then adorned with a variety custom designed military style medals that honoured them for their achievements during lockdown like home-schooling their kids, learning to cope without a nanny and otherwise just sacrificing the creature comforts of a pre-lockdown society.


Our posters were placed all over Bahrain as well as being posted across all of Batelco's social media channels. They garnered widespread approval and positive sentiments towards Batelco.

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