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HAVAS LIFE MEDICOM, Thames Ditton / BAUSCH & LOMB / 2014

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The benefits of healthy eyes and restored vision cannot be overestimated. Ophthalmic surgeons perform a range of procedures on the eye, including cataract surgeries, vitreoretinal surgeries and laser vision correction.

Surgeons use speciality equipment and instruments for ophthalmic procedures. Customised packs of ophthalmic instruments are a key commodity for our client. However, selling these instruments can be extremely complex.


• Simplify the process of selling ophthalmic instruments to surgeons

• Help reps engage surgeons in selecting their custom packs


Create a tool that makes it easy for reps to guide their customers through the process of creating their custom packs and simple for them to place orders and generate sales. The tool should also allow surgeons to engage with reps in a relaxed and interesting way.

Tactical execution:

Custom Procedure Pack iPad application (CPP app): with a clean, modern and simple interface, the app is a creative and innovative solution that allows reps to create a customised pack for each customer (surgeon). It provides the reps with standard pack templates for each ophthalmic procedure. These pack templates were developed in consultation with surgeons, based on the standard set of instruments that they regularly order.

Using these templates, the reps can customise the packs to meet the specific needs of each surgeon. The process could be likened to a sophisticated online shopping experience.


App development: navigation and design needed to be simple and clean, allowing reps to create customer profiles, place, review and track the orders. It also needed multiple languages for distribution across EU.

The execution is based on user-centred design. Each stage is simplified and focused on the task at hand. The iPad application is an appropriate tool:

• Reps can access the entire catalogue of 1000s products at any time (even without network connection)

• Orders generated are instantly available at the regional offices, reducing delays in supply chain

• Easier for reps to keep track of orders

• B+L via central database can review the success of order across EMEA as well as by region

• The visual engagement, creating interest and potential cross-selling

• Allows multiple language option and distribution across countries

For an industry that provides health and clear vision, our app aims to be clear and simple in design and in usability.


It is still early days for the app since its launch in December but we hope to eventually see all custom packs being ordered in this way. Initial feedback from reps and surgeons alike has been excellent. It is felt that the app is easy to navigate, attractive and professional, with good product photography. One surgeon was so impressed they wanted the app for themselves.

“Excellent service made the app very easy to install and access. Now the team is quickly prepared to meet any customer need in a very professional way”

Nordic Marketing Manager, Bausch and Lomb

Pack order numbers are picking up as the reps adapt to a new approach.

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