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JWT SAN JUAN, San Juan / DC SHOES / 2012

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The Blood Bank of Puerto Rico is always searching for ways to replenish their supplies. In order to help them, DC Shoes, a brand that specialises in clothing apparel for extreme sports, found a large group of people, which they know very well, that not only deal with blood loss constantly, but even find it thrilling: Skateboarders. They were the perfect group to become potential blood donors and create an underground movement for this cause.


We decided to stay away from traditional media to deliver a message that was relevant to this target, using their language. Skateboarders love to spray paint messages wherever they go. That’s why we asked them to become part of this movement by giving them the tools to make this happen. We handed out at skate shops special kits made out of recycled empty spray cans that contained a stencil that read: ‘IF YOU’RE NOT AFRAID TO LOSE SOME, DON’T BE AFRAID TO DONATE SOME’, plus instructions of where to spray this message. Inside these cans, there was also a DC Shoes sticker with the campaign slogan. The spray can label reflected the pain these skateboarders are exposed to everyday.


Most of the skate parks in Puerto Rico were filled with our campaign slogan. Plus, local graffiti artists volunteered to spread our message across the Island. In addition, as part of this movement, skaters were asked to donate blood in exchange for exposure at one of the top skateboarding magazines of the Caribbean. Over 200 skaters went to the blood drives made by the Blood Bank of Puerto Rico in just 2 months, a 28% increase of their monthly quota.

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