Dear Mr. President

IMAGO, Zagreb / JANA / 2017

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Jana positioning is Water as pure as love. The brand stands for love in their communication for years. This year it wants to speak about love thru special edition - Malena&Klepetan, the most famous love story in Croatia. Klepetan is male stork who for 15 years returns to his Malena who has broken wing.

We used terrifying fact that more than 2 million migratory birds are killed over Lebanon every year. Every year, on his journey back from Africa, Klepetan also flies over Lebanon as well and he is in danger of shooting him. We wanted to make his journey home safe to ensure that their love story go on, and in the same time to make the world a little bit better place by saving millions of migratory birds. Objective of the campaign was to emphasise the brand love and to make Jana the brand number one in Croatia.


We’ve started our campaign with a statement/headline that The feather is mightier than a sword. So we decided to use the real Klepetan’s feather as a symbol of pure love to write a letter to the President of Lebanon, asking him to use his position to change the law and stop bad Lebanese people habit of killing migratory birds over Lebanon sky.

To get the attention of The President and to generate PR we sent the same message in video format to his daughter who is his advisor for environment. She shared the video on her facebook and public reaction was immediate. We also spread the voice to environmental organisations which strongly supported the idea and spread it on their blogs, forums and web pages. All activities generated huge public pressure on topic of killing migratory birds so president and government had to react.

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