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Wing of Love

IMAGO, Zagreb / JANA / 2016

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The creative idea was simple - let's show people what the real love is and inspire them to change their lives. We've found unique love story in one small village in Croatia where Malena, a female stork with broken wing, awaits for her male stork Klepetan to fly back from Africa every spring. Malena can't fly south so she gets through the winter thanks to one man who takes care of her for the last 23 years. He has even built her a nest on his roof. But the most thrilling period in their lives is beginning of every spring when two of them await for Klepetan to come home again. We wanted to share that moment of love with the whole world so we put one camera on their roof and live streamed The Waiting for Klepetan.


We placed one camera on the roof next to stork nest in the small Croatian village where Malena, female stork which can't fly south awaits for her mate Klepetan who flies 14000 kilometres back to her from Africa. We live streamed her waiting for Klepetan on display on the main square in the country capital, on Jana microsite and web banners on all relevant portals. People were able to take an active part of awaiting for Klepetan and to generate love messages and share it on social networks. Since Klepetan usually comes back in the middle of March, live stream started on the 7th of March and was active till the day of his return. At the moment of Klepetan's return Jana presented new edition with love messages on bottle and naturally connected brand value with this pure love story.


The total activity of the campaign reached more than 75% of the total population in Croatia!

Branded live stream on microsite has been watched for 5 million minutes overall, with an average viewing of 11min 46sec. Through Facebook posts 3.6 million people in the region was reached, of which 50% organic with more than 80,000 gathered likes.

The campaign itself in addition to advertising additionally raised over € 405,000 of free PR on the web, print and TV.

The campaign became trending topic on all relevant media in the country and in the region as well as popular topic in everyday chit-chat. Love was IN again.

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