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We introduced a new way of thinking about debt and a new solution and behavior to get rid of it.

One that seems utterly intuitive but that no one had think about before.

We brought to life Marcus by Goldman Sachs, a logic yet brilliant way for American people to get rid of their problem by offering them lower-rate online loans to pay back their higher-rate credit card debt.

A simple, customizable and no-jargon financial solution that makes a lot of sense.


We addressed the stigma first, with one pragmatic message: “Debt Happens, it’s how you get out that counts.” That message was the core of a larger communication platform that started with direct marketing to a selected audience, expanded through e-mail marketing, paid social and social media, display advertising, digital audio on streaming platform like Pandora and Spotify and culminated in the .com platform where people could register to qualify for a loan and start paying off their debt at a lower rate than the one they were currently paying and with no fees whatsoever.

Additionally, in the spirit of pragmatism and common sense, featured no fine print, no financial jargon and no complexity. Just straight talk.

With Marcus, we brought to life a product that helps people make sense of their money and be smart with it, and a smart brand that speak a language that just makes sense.


The campaign generated 1.8 billion total impressions, with a 192% lift in brand awareness and 646% lift in product consideration. has received over 1.5MM visits, with traffic almost doubling month after month in the first three months. Today, the product averages 6,400 application starts per day, and hundreds of thousands of customers have booked a Marcus loan.

92% of the new customers who reviewed Marcus online gave it a 5 stars overall rating. Marcus was featured on the cover of every major financial outlet, from the NYT to the Wall Street Journal, to Fast Company, Buzz Feed and Fortune. Slate reviewed Marcus as “a grasp of American reality that elude most of its competitors.”

In just six months we helped Marcus grow into a $1 billion, American households get out of their debt, and turned Goldman Sachs from advocate of the 1% to problem solver for the remaining 99%.

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