Cannes Lions

Die Hard

ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / KISS FM / 2016

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After some research, we gathered lots and lots of stories about the death of famous and not so famous rockstars, and created a film about it, stating that “if rock haven’t die this far, it will never die”. But, more than a film, we needed something that would last longer. So we transformed the film into an experience that would reward the most rock savvy fans, but only when they watch our content carefully. To do so, we subtly inserted hints and easter eggs about the real story behind this deaths in almost every scene.


The script was written after lots of research, and each scene was created to, at list, give a hint about who were the rockstar that died in that way. After it, the easter eggs were inserted, some in the shooting itself, some in the post production, alongside with this, all the pages and links where those easter lead to were implemented. After this it was time to release the video, and few days after, ask the rockstar to post the hint he discovered. The following were organic.


With no media money, we achieved a 400% increase in engagement (even in comparison with the Radio’s most successful promotion), registering a record number of calls to the station in a single week.

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