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DDB TRIBAL GROUP, Dusseldorf / DIESEL / 2011

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“Instead of wasting our lives in front of the computer, we choose to waste it in the park.”With that motto we held an event in an analogue park right in the centre of Berlin. The Facepark event. Facepark was to show that all the things that are great about digital social media, exist in real life as well. But in a much greater way.

Thus, Facepark brought all characteristics of social media into real life. Our lead medium: The most analogue medium there is – the people themselves.They were given cardboard profile walls, cardboard comment boxes, cardboard group signs, rubber foam “poke”-fingers, analogue Facebook-games and “like”-stickers to recreate their way of behaviour in social media the analogue way.Other elements of social media were recreated out of cardboard as well: Games, groups and a YouTube like stage ensured, our analogue users could get the full analogue social media experience.


Over 6000 people took part in the Facepark event, interacted with each other on their profile walls and engaged in the Be Stupid philosophy.Facepark achieved an impressive media coverage. It was heavily twittered, blogged, "liked" on Facebook and even made it into the evening news. With a budget of under 100.000 Euro we gained a media value of more than 300,000 Euro.

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