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R/GA LONDON, London / DIGISEQ / 2018

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Digiseq opens up a new world of possibility, turning any object into a payment device in an instant via the Digiseq app.

Just sync your bank details, pair with the app and pay with a tap.

We’re the only company in the world that can offer this level of flexibility. Our tiny chip can be securely added to any object, such as a watch, bracelet or bag, ensuring transactions are yours and objects are authentic.

Digiseq is the most secure, smartest and fastest way to bring contactless capabilities to the things we know, own and love.


Through our secure, unique and user-centric platform, we can enable a consumer to download their credit card credentials into any wearable, from a handbag to a cufflink, and turn it into a payment device. We are the only company in the world that can do this in a secure, approved and – most importantly – practical way. Our system can be used on a mobile or tablet, by a POS or in a warehouse.

We manage the complexity end to end through a simple, single connection. We can connect all the banks with any consumer device that has our chip, with all the necessary complexity and security taken care of in an instant.


We are one of only six companies in the world that are verified for tokenisation by Mastercard – alongside Apple Pay, Samsung, Android, FitPay and Microsoft Wallet.

Digiseq provides the full solution to enable payment capabilities in Kerv rings. Digiseq helped Kerv to optimize their inventory and shorten product delivery time. Approximately 2,500 rings have been sold so far.

We have received over £1m in seed funding, and currently have 25 multinational organisations, including banks, new technology companies and household brands, as customers of our chip and platform services.

Digiseq powered the payment capability behind a marketing activation that gave a free ride on the London Underground to commuters using promotional bottles of Lucozade. Digiseq provided the chips, the prepaid accounts, and the data processing and provisioning solution to Lucozade. 5,000 bottles were distributed during the launch in May 2017.

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Bringing payment capabilities to wearables


Bringing payment capabilities to wearables


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