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OLIVER, London / UNILEVER / 2022

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The Vegetarian Butcher (TVB) is a plant-based meat brand originally from the Netherlands.

To help successfully land TVB within the UK market, we were tasked with building a brand identity for a 'dark restaurant' which would sell TVB sausages (‘Little Willies’) in format of hot-dogs on all major food delivery platforms.

We offered our clients a 360-branding solution which involved market research, social strategies, creative look and feel, naming, tone of voice and more.

The aim? To bring some much-needed energy, and originality, to the plant-based sector whilst ensuring we landed the TVB name through product trial.


We took the old-school Victorian charm of TVB master brand and smashed it together with unapologetic, slapstick, Gen-Z language.

The result? A confident, in your face brand with the legs to secure the next Budweiser moment (if we had the same budget). When a door-bell rings, imagine the harmonious sound of the nation singing, "DIIIIIINNNNNNNG DOG!".


Ding Dog – where two worlds collide.

Referencing the vintage decorum of TVB’s master brand throughout: making nostalgic, new was the conceptual premise of our design. We gave the brand a bold tone – the unflinching type. With copy that complimented our design concepts.

We used an eclectic collection of fonts and a colour palette inspired by the master brand. We wanted photography that harked back to days gone by, while still making food the juicy focus.

Inspired by TVB’s brand character, we bought to life Victorian-era illustrations but with an added bite through bold applications.

Most of the elements were for digital and social channels but we also created fun stickers for kitchens to slap on the packaging.


TVB is now in almost every major retailer around the nation with a strong on-shelf presence. With an air-tight influencer campaign and truly attention-grabbing packaging designs, TVB has not just landed in the UK market, but is quickly becoming a front running plant-base meat product.

Ding Dog has performed so well with students; we have a number of on-site branded Uni restaurants. Six Ding Dog dark kitchens have launched so far across London, Midlands and South of England. In 2020, Ding Dog was Awarded Best Craft out of the Global Unilever Account studios with major stakeholders in Unilever taking notice of the work being done.

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