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GPY&R, Melbourne / AUSTRALIA POST / 2016

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In 2015, Australia Post had a problem: they’d just reported a $222 million loss, their first in 30 years. The continual decline in letter volume was largely to blame, however there were opportunities in the growing parcel business, especially at key gifting periods like Christmas.

To maximise this opportunity, Australia Post needed to associate themselves as the first choice for online shopping services. Simply put; the more presents bought online, the more parcels sent and the more revenue for Australia Post.

Campaign objectives:

• 20% increase in people using Australia Post services to deliver their parcels.

• 15% increase in long term brand equity.

• Drive a stronger association between Australia Post and online shopping.

Our secondary objective was to remind Australians that Australia Post are central to the joy of receiving.

We needed to engage new and existing customers for less than AU$500,000, far less than the cost of a festive TVC.


Design was integral to Disguise Packaging. The five cardboard Post boxes, based off clichéd Christmas presents, came in a range of shapes and sizes all designed to hide your gifts. The range included a handbag, Mum’s the Word, a tie, The Tattletie, a sock, The Dad Default, a fruitcake, Same Old Fruitcake Co. The traditional Re-Gift and a pyramid for The Total Mystery. We also created a range of “shortbread tins”, Postman’s Petticoat Tales, baked to overdone perfection.

The wrapping kits were designed to mimic gift-wrapping from our fictional retailers; a handcrafted soap shop, antique books, kitchen essentials, stationery supplies, fishing tackle and a nougat company. Each kit contained adhesive logos, a ribbon and a sheet of A1 paper.

Rothfield Print Management designed die lines and built the boxes with enough structural integrity to withstand the postal system. They also managed the production and distribution of all 1.4 million disguises.

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