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Do What Feels Right - Men who do what feels right

OGILVY, London / PHILIPS / 2019

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This campaign is a standpoint taken by Philips in the debate currently raging about the role of modern men. While some brands have taken a prescriptive view on how modern men should behave, Philips prefers to take a more positive approach. Instead of an overcorrection, we believe in modern men, particularly in their ability to be multidimensional. We know they can still be sensitive and empathetic without having to stop being men. So we encourage them to follow their gut instinct and “do what feels right”. This way they can choose to be the man they want to be.

And it’s with this in mind that Philips have created a broad range of shaving tools to match every man’s individual taste, style and needs, so he can shave the way that feels right to him.


A spoken-word performer, with a working-class North London accent, delivers his take on modern masculinity. Each execution involves a different aspect of his subject – one is about toxic masculinity, another is about men’s relationships with women and the third is about fatherhood.

The scripts all take the form of a loose re-interpretation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem “IF” that set out the ideals of Victorian masculinity. Except men have changed a great deal since then, and the time has come for them to do things differently. So our performer appeals to them to follow their gut instinct and “do what feels right”.

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