Cannes Lions


DRAFTFCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / CNA / 2014

Case Film






Film starts as we see Nina's (the dog) owner's feet and Nina being placed on a case for airplane travel and it gets onto the airport's conveyor belt. A plane takes off.

In the next scene, Nina is released from the case and gets out in a desert. She immediately finds another dog, from another breed to play with. She is in her case again and another plane takes off.

Nina is released and finds another one, and they go towards the sea together and get out shaking themselves in slow motion, enjoying together the seaside. In her travel case, Nina is off to another destination. A plane takes off.

She continues travelling - Nina in a big field, Nina in Paris. Nina in the Andes, Nina is in Chile...

"Isn’t it good to speak a language that everyone understands? CNA. English School"

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