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DRAFTFCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / CNA / 2014

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The Speaking Exchange conversation software is where a new educational activity happens, that puts English students to talk to residents of American rest homes. An evolution of existing technologies with the addition of relevant tools, personalized stock data and its own visual communication. It was created exclusively to enable this international project, that has the intention of spreading along the 586 units of CNA’s network in the next years. With the potential of also contemplating rest homes in England, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, as well as other regions of the USA. Which is why the software can register new institutions and profiles easily.


The expectation is that the software spreads through the current 586 units of CNA network, bringing the Speaking Exchange activity to over 500 thousand students all over the country and in five countries with English native speakers. This digital exercise is a market differential that highlights CNA among its 7 traditional competitors and faces the new online English schools. We believe that the innovative potential of Speaking Exchange can lead all the language teaching Market to being solidary, and involving their students’ knowledge in tasks that help other people in Brazil or even internationally, as our project does.

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