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Our data-driven campaign used factual insect data (collected with help from renowned entomologist Prof. Marcus Byrne) to build creepy lifelike insects out of their specific habitats and diets. Each insect was meticulously crafted to express the types of things it consumed in and around your home.


After many consultations with Prof. Marcus Byrne, each insect was individually planned out to perfectly matched their physical traits as well as habitats and diets. These were then sketched out and matched against potential objects that would help us to create perfect replicates.

The entire process from consultation to completion to create the 6 insects was approximately 3 months.

The ant, from salivating on sugar to picking up the dirt and dog hairs on its march was made from:

Cola Gummy Words

Pet hair and dirt

Chocolate Donut

Gumball covered in hair

Chewy candy

Lollipop in dirt

The cockroach, siphoning up all the disgusting dropped morsels around your kitchen was made from:

Dried twigs

Moldy teabags

Chicken Bones

Rotten leaves

Banana peel

Moldy croissant

The fishmoth, living in the darkest corners of your kitchen and feeding off your unclean rot was made from:

Old paper soaked in dishwater

Assorted plumbing pipes


Electrical cable housing

Mop ends

The fly, finding the decomposed particles across your home and having a feast was made from:


Spinace stem

Dried prunes

Moldy chicken pie

Brie cheese

Rotten meatball

Moldy lettuce

The mosquito, traveling his way from the garden to drool in your blood was made from:

Rotten twigs soaked in fake blood

Mud wrapped river sludge

Rotten leaves

Dried reeds

Old roots wrapped in plant material

And the flea, hiding in crevices of your couch waiting for you, its next happy meal was made from:

Old fabric soaked in fake blood

Couch stuffing

Fur from a dead rat

Dirty old carpet

Old flour bag

Each of the insects was meticulously crafted using elements that comprised of their day-to-day existent.

All in all, ensuring that these ghastly creatures were as real as they were revolting.

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