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DHÉLET VMLY&R, Buenos Aires / MOVISTAR / 2019

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During 2018, there was a femicide every 32 hours in Argentina, and 62% of those deaths occurred inside of the victim's household.

The UN reports that the most dangerous place for a woman is her own house.

What did we do to raise awareness about this drama?

We used another popular issue: The fear that every woman feels in Argentina when she walks on the street at night alone.

And an insight: Every time a woman arrives to her house at night, she sends a message to a friend or a familiar to let them know she is safe.

These two worlds, inside and outside their home, join at "Door".


The ad shows us a woman walking on what seems to be the street. She's in a hurry to get to a door, as if she was being followed. She looks worried, afraid, as if someone was following her.

When she opens the door and quickly closes it, she sighs with relief and sends a message to a friend saying, “I’m fine”.

Then comes the twist. We see the woman trying to get safely out of her house rather than trying to get in. The protagonist was feeling in danger not because she was walking alone down the street at night but because she was indoors, in her home, and was a victim of domestic violence.

The ad ends with the woman walking down the street and an overprint that says: “For a lot of women, the most dangerous thing is to be at home.” “It’s time to speak up.”

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