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OMD UK, London / PEPSICO / 2011

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The Rihanna content was accessible only to those with a webcam. As this applied to only 40% of our audience, we managed disappointment by exclusively targeting Rihanna’s core fans, seeding exclusive teasers alongside Rihanna editorial, and distributing content across Facebook to those who “like” her. At the same time, we made sure the Professor Green content was universally accessible via a customised YouTube Channel, and personalised communications accordingly. We broadened our targeting to Professor Green fans on Facebook, relevant music content on YouTube and high reach music portals. Seeding a 360 widget on sharing sites allowed consumers to embed the content onto their social media pages and promoting a 360 iPhone app over a short period enabled us to push it high up the chart, encouraging further downloads. We underpinned everything with ‘fan’ recruitment, using the content to attract people to Doritos’ Facebook page.


Our seeding strategy for the Rihanna content resulted in 644,775 views (25% of which were viral) and the Professor Green content delivered a share rate of 1.04% (average 0.42%). The YouTube content has received 2 million views so far, smashing our target of 274,000 and the mobile app was downloaded 30,475 times taking us to number 4 in the entertainment free app section. The ‘fan’ recruitment increased Doritos “like” base by 46,711; a 65% increase in three weeks meaning that we can now communicate with 145,000 Facebook fans, instantaneously and without the need for paid for media.

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