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Indians’ love for cricket is unwavering. Our TG spends most of their time on the smartphones, watching cricket matches as well as commenting and discussing the cricket matches on social media. The triangulation of Cricket, smartphones and the bold spirit of today’s youth formed the bedrock of the activation.

The brief was to deliver a campaign, which showcases our hero film and engages our consumers in a 2 way conversation that was never seen before in this country.

The objective was to strengthen our brand proposition of Bold Self Expression, via a medium which leverages the age old debate in India - Follow your heart or follow your mind?

The insight that led to this work was the rise of cord cutters in India. This was a way of showcasing and highlighting our hero film to this cord cutter audience, in an engaging format which lets them express themselves


The film starts on a young college cricketer chatting to a girl from the audience, and giving her his phone number. However he was interrupted and challenged by the college bully, who also happened to be a bowler of the opposition team. Our protagonist, in true embodiment of our brand, decides to give his phone number in his own bold way to the girl - telling the girl to take the rest of the phone number from the score board. Then our protagonist proceeds to hit the bowler for 6s and 4s, in that process giving out his number, getting out on last ball since his last digit was 0 in phone number. While bowler celebrates, our protagonist tells the girl to call her, thereby making the bolwer realise he was beat.

The instagram filter displays the film to our audience,and lets them choose how the last ball is played.


Target audience: Women and Men; 20-35 years; PAN India

We launched the pathbreaking AR-video filter on instagram, that not only showed our hero film to our audience on the platform where they spent the maximum time, but also let them choose how the film ends. Before the campaign went live on instagram, our hero film had already ran for a couple of months on TV and YouTube, creating a lot of buzz on why our protagonist got out on the last ball. We built on that buzz by launching our filter, which gave everyone the opportunity to choose how the film ends. We strategically leveraged popular cricketers, influencers as well as our trolls who were commenting on how the last ball was played, by giving them the filter to choose how the film ends. We also retargeted the alternate ending to people based on their preferences, basis their comments


The campaign started when we wrote the boldest script possible , where in a cricket crazed nation, our protagonist boldly gave his wicket to give his phone number to a girl he likes.

While India loved the film, there was a lot of buzz on how the last ball was played and why he got out. Having anticipated and planned for divided response, we had shot 2 endings of the TVC right from start - One where he gets out and one where he doesnt. We launched the pathbreaking AR-video filter that gave the control of which ending to choose, in the hands of our consumers.

We got the world's boldest cricketers to go live with the filter and sat back and let the entire India get divided into 2 camps on which ending they liked

We launched the film on Instagram on 1st March till end March.


Over 17000 versions of our ad were generated by the users. Moreover, an organic unpaid reach of over 33 million was achieved and more than 70 million impressions were earned. Our campaign generated more than 210 media stories, and earned us a total of 161MM+ in reach and engagement, and a total earned PR value of $1.6MM

The campaign helped us demonstrate a record jump in our mental aailability (awareness going up by 11 % points, trials up by 14 % points and consumption up by 12 % points, distinction went up by 16 % points and preference went up by 12 % points), doubled its boldness quotient, and helped the brand grow upward of 40% and deliver more than 110% of targets.

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