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Doritos Dinamita: Super Bowl X Luxor®

OMD USA, New York / DORITOS / 2024

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As a legacy Super Bowl brand, Doritos is known for building iconic campaigns that consumers talk about long after the spot premieres in-game. They have historically leveraged this tentpole to unveil new products, taglines, and brand partners to the masses. But in 2024, Doritos gave up their in-game TV spot, to focus on the relaunch of the new subline, Dinamita® in reaction to growth of Gen Z-beloved competitor, Takis.

Super Bowl is by far the highest reaching tentpole moment for Doritos in any given year. It was paramount that they kept themselves part of the Game Week conversation despite not having that in-game unit.


Doritos knew they would be competing with dozens of brands on the ground in Las Vegas surrounding Super Bowl LVIII. In a city that is already peppered with advertisements – especially when hosting the biggest game of the year – Doritos greatest strength was in their iconic shape.

To date, Doritos has caught the attention of fans by turning triangle-shaped buildings into giant Doritos Nacho Cheese chips, driving equity with their shape. They have even gamified the search for these buildings, creating the Doritos Triangle Tracker Snapchat lens, a first-of-its-kind AR lens that launched in 2022 to reward fans who scanned triangles in the real world!

As one of the most recognizable chips, Doritos would leverage the power of their iconic shape and texture. To grab the attention of Gen Z and Super Bowl fans nationwide they would take over an unmissable Las Vegas landmark, turning it into a giant Doritos chip.


The week leading up to the Super Bowl, thousands of consumers touched down on the Las Vegas Strip, giving Doritos the perfect opportunity to interact with consumers. But in a city known for ‘lights so bright’ and being covered in advertisements and brand logos, location and scale were key to breaking through. Not to mention the added layer of Super Bowl initiatives that would be flooding The Strip.

The obvious first choice for unmissable, buzz-worthy OOH was The Sphere. While the structure was brand new, and the creative execution would have allowed for something eye-catching and dynamic, Doritos couldn’t own this landmark at 100% share of voice. How could they truly make an impact if they were one of several brand messages in rotation?

Luckily for Doritos, Vegas is home to its very own massive triangle-shaped structure – the Luxor® Hotel & Casino.


Doritos exploded onto The Strip, turning the Luxor into a giant Doritos Nacho Cheese chip! At over 600ft wide and 30 stories high, turning the third largest pyramid in the world into a Doritos chip had consumers intrigued.

It took weeks to transform the Luxor into a massive chip. Piece by piece, the chip was installed, making the brand visible over 8-weeks ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. To ensure it didn’t look like an advertisement, the team was laser focused on the graphics and design – nailing the texture and color was integral to The Luxor looking like a Doritos chip!

Doritos tied this installation to their larger Super Bowl campaign, leveraging the existing Doritos Triangle Tracker Snapchat lens. Fans who scanned the giant Doritos chip saw it roll into a Dinamita, transforming into the lever of an interactive slot machine offering consumers a chance to win tickets


Due to the power of Doritos' iconic shape, coupled with the simplicity of turning a giant triangle-shaped building into a massive Doritos Chip, Doritos successfully monopolized the conversation on the Las Vegas Strip leading up to Super Bowl LVIII.

The activation grabbed the attention of Doritos and football fans alike, garnering nearly 64 million OOH impressions and 306 million earned impressions.

Social media was abuzz with over 4,750 social mentions on Facebook, X and Reddit, not to mention organic posts and mentions on podcasts, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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