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Doritos World Burning

PEPSI, Guatemala / DORITOS / 2023

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Doritos Flamin'Hot is the spiciest product of Doritos portfolio, pretty much the only snack brand in the market that promotes boldness and self expression. In order to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition, we must set a precedent in the category and create a campaign that emphasizes our brand's point of view. Doritos Flamin'Hot was the perfect product to make that statement, being that hot flavor that dares to go where others wouldn't even think of, even if it means to watch the world burn.


To position Doritos Flamin'Hot as the most daring option in our portfolio and in the current market offerings, highlight our powerful spicy flavor as a trigger that promotes a bold way of life.


Generate awareness around Doritos Flamin'Hot.


John and Emily are madly in love, and want to take their relationship to the next stage, meaning John has to meet a highly respected Congressman who is also a college football Hall of Famer and recipient of several Congressional Medals of Honor, who happens to be Emily's father, whereas John is an up and coming Tiktoker. In the midst of a heavy debate between the congress and Tiktok, Emily's boyfriend and father are about to meet, and when Emily's father launches the typical question "what do you do?" Jhon proudly reveals his profession: TikToker. Portraying a bold person who is not afraid to express himself matches perfectly with our campaign line: Want to watch the world burn? Doritos Flamin'Hot.


The following piece had a positive impact on the brand perception, as we set our audience in relevant situations and contexts where they saw their standpoints reflected.

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