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Women and girls used to take cues about beauty as they flipped through the pages of magazines, but in 2015, page turning has been replaced with a mouse click, a double tap, or a swipe. Ideas and opinions about body image are now being shared every second through social media, but they are often negative. On Twitter alone, women are twice as likely to say something negative about themselves, than positive.

From billboards and magazines to pioneering content, Dove has been committed to inspiring women and girls to develop a positive relationship with beauty for more than 10 years. Sadly, Dove realized that social media can bombard women with destructive words and image about beauty and appearance every day. As a brand that has reached more than 14 million young lives with self-esteem education, Dove believes it is our responsibility to inspire change for women when it comes to the next frontier of beauty conversations.

Dove set out to overturn the pervasive online negativity and embarked on a partnership with Twitter to encourage women to #SpeakBeautiful and turn ugly tweets into beautiful, positive ones. Launching the campaign on Hollywood’s biggest night when both online negativity is at its worst and the biggest platform exists, Dove developed a truly unique campaign that leveraged primary research and insights, advocacy partnerships and deep influencer engagement, setting out to help shape the way future generations express themselves online.


Smart Pacing: An earned launch story with Mashable was secured Thursday prior sparking awareness and enthusiasm to participate on Sunday. A second burst of outreach was executed on Sunday harnessing real-time happenings during the red carpet/ceremony. A third round of outreach aimed to demonstrate the impact that #SpeakBeautiful had on women and the conversation.

Leverage the Zeitgeist: With celebrities and activists taking a fempowerment approach on the red carpet, #SpeakBeautiful joined a powerful movement to elevate women beyond their appearances, allowing Dove to engage an invested audience.

Influencer Engagement: Key public figures, invested in online positivity, generated mass awareness and inspired a positive change in behavior on social. Clever Girls Collective and SocialMoms engaged their communities, top public figures like Arianna Huffington, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Bailee Madison, Gabourey Sidibe, Felicity Huffmann, and Kelly Rowland rallied their followers, and the brand connected with women in real time on Twitter.


-US trending topic during the red carpet show

-1 billion + US impressions from outlets like Mashable,, HuffPo, SELF, USA Today, Adweek.

-Featured alongside stories about Iggy Azalea quitting Twitter, Patricia Arquette’s speech, #AskHerMore.

-86% of coverage was positive, and 45% of coverage had strong key message pull-through (rating at either a 4 or 5 out of 5)

-More than 788MM social impressions

-Compared to Oscars Sunday 2014, Twitter reported positive change in social conversations related to body/beauty in 2015 in which #SpeakBeautiful might have played a role: 30% decrease in negative tweets about “self” beauty and 69% more total positive tweets about “self” beauty

Real People Making Real Impact:

-LaPorte High School students in Indiana & college students at NDSU separately created their own interpretations of the campaign on YouTube.

-Social engagement continues with more than 111K Twitter mentions by more than 93K unique users.

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