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The insight behind the bobblehead was simple; tell a parent to drive safe and he won't listen, ask his child to say it to him and it will make a world of a difference.

Another aspect we focussed on was the universal insight that while parents have a huge influence on their children's life, even children influence their parents. That's why, we appealed to the parents in a voice they just couldn't ignore– that of their child's. The intention was to create a powerful emotional hook that helped influence behaviour in a scenario where rational appeal often failed.

The Drive Safe Dad Bobblehead was designed keeping in mind the universal popularity of dashboard accessories. While most bobbleheads are mere car accessories, this one is aimed at bringing about a behavioural change. The resemblance to their child and the sound chip synchronised with the speedometer bring out its novelty.


There are two aspects that separate this bobblehead from the rest- the intent and the execution. While most bobbleheads are mere car accessories, this one is aimed at bringing about a behavioural change. Each bobblehead was customised to look like the child. A chip synchronised with a speedometer was tactfully concealed inside. Each time the car exceeded the speed limit, the bobblehead would give out a message from the child.

The resemblance to the son/daughter of the driver and the sound chip synchronised with the speedometer brought out its novelty. A switch at the back of the bobblehead felicitated its functioning as soon as it was placed on the dashboard.

What began with schools, spread far and wide. We now intend to meet many more children and create many more bobbleheads. We are aiming at visiting more schools and even introducing this activity in Ceat tyre shoppes across the country.


Ceat tyres successfully achieved what it set out to achieve, safer roads and more responsible drivers. The bobblehead was a rage among parents. For once, adults didn't mind being told what to do and how to drive. The activation was carried out in schools across the country. The video of the activity was also promoted on social media. By doing this, we extended the initiative beyond just a specific group of fathers. It ranked #3 in all India trends with a whopping 1,158,800+ views, a total reach of 1.1 million on Facebook and was widely shared on Whatsapp. But the most impressive statistic of them all- the behavioural change it brought about in drivers.

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