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CP+B, Boulder / DOMINO'S PIZZA / 2016

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Domino’s spent years perfecting their pizza, but what was missing was the perfect way to deliver it. So they built one. The Domino’s DXP is a first-of-its-kind pizza delivery vehicle purpose-built for pizza delivery, five years in the making. It’s equipped with a built-in warming oven that heats up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit to keep customers’ pizzas hot throughout the delivery journey, as well as a custom compartment in place of passenger seats that secures customers’ dipping sauces, napkins, utensils, and prevents drinks from being rattled. On the exterior, the DXP features a side-mounted light that brightens the ground once the car is parked to help drivers step safely around the vehicle, and an “Out For Delivery” roof light that, when illuminated, means this ultimate pizza delivery vehicle is en route to hungry customers.


Pizza companies don’t build cars every day. What started off as a crowd-sourced competition in 2010 amongst Domino’s customers to think up ideas for the vehicle, progressed into a creative alliance between Local Motors, General Motors, and Roush Performance to bring the car to life. The DXP is a retrofitted Chevrolet Spark with a delivery-focused interior that includes a special compartment that stabilizes drinks and sauces, a custom-built warming oven that heats up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit, and no passenger seats to create an 80-pizza storage capacity. The exterior features a side-mounted puddle light and fighter jet-inspired decals that give franchisees the opportunity to personalize every vehicle with its driver’s name, call sign, home base, and more. After five years of designing, prototyping, developing, and testing, the Domino’s DXP hit the streets. There will be 155 on the road, delivering pizzas across the US.


Besides being the first pizza company to create a custom-built pizza delivery car, the campaign was covered across all forms of media including USA Today, Forbes, CNN, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mashable, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Forbes, Car and Driver, and more, generating 1.2 billion media impressions and counting. Additionally, the web experience,, has so far received more than one million visitors who spent an average 2 minutes and 24 seconds on the site. But most importantly, with 155 DXPs on the road delivering pizzas across the US soon, you can be sure none of them are delivered cold.

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