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FURIA, Buenos Aires / EDDING / 2017

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Argentina is going through an intense time where demonstrations and picket lines are everyday occurrences. This turns traffic and public transportation into mayhem, triplicating rush hour duration and making citizens really stressed.

In this context, we came up with the idea to give away chalk markers that write on glass and can be easily erased, on public transportation, motivating people to use the long commuting hours to express themselves by drawing on the glass windows, creating their own landscape and letting out all the stress.


We took the product to the streets, and hire people to hand it out, with a written message explaining the aim of the gift. In some cases, like with Ubers and taxis, the product was handed out to drivers, to be displayed on the back seats, since it could be attaches to the windows.

For 5 days, Monday through Friday, we displayed the activations and recorded the reactions on highly populated centric areas, taking public transportation such as buses, taxis and Ubers as our main territory.

We implemented the activation on rush hour, to reach as many people as we could.


We generated awareness of a product that was unfamiliar to most people, by introducing it into everyday life, generating more traffic on Edding's social media.

The activation was well received by our target audience, where we registered an engagement of 90% over the total of people involved.

People would automatically react by reading the instructions, and then proceeding to use the product.

This generated brand and product awareness, reaching a new audience in an unusual place, and giving the product and unusual use to get the message across.

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