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BISCUIT FILMWORKS, Los Angeles / UBER / 2024

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● Uber launched its pre-booking service, Uber Reserve in 2021 but few people were aware of its existence. For important events like a date, wedding or getting to the airport, you’d want to book a taxi in advance, but Uber, in people’s minds, was still a service you’d order instantly.

● Our brief was to create awareness of Uber’s Reserve service by telling an everyday story of someone needing to use it.

● Our objective was to tell this story in a modern and unexpected way, using music to create a feeling of intensity in the scenario we were painting.


In this film we follow a busy office worker as she rushes to get to an appointment.

She dashes out of a meeting, leaps into the closest lift, and just as she thinks she’s made it she’s hit by delay after delay as people get in the lift at every floor.

Luck is not on her side.

But she planned what she could - her pre-booked Uber is waiting outside peacefully for her, in total contrast to the chaos she find inside.

It’s the perfect juxtaposition that gives us a satisfying breath after an anxiety inducing debacle.

We never see her step into the car, but we don’t need to.

We know she makes it.


We smashed our main objective with a big uplift in Reserve awareness of 30%, we saw significant ad recall and awareness across all of our channels. Reserve consideration also shot up 39% as we got more people to think about Reserve for their important life events. More people were using Uber Reserve than ever before, with reserve up 71% YoY at the end of November ‘23.

Another bonus was the impact of the strong messaging relating to the benefits of Reserve, it had a positive halo effect towards Uber’s wider brand trustworthiness, with all of our creative performing above the norm.

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