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ARTPLAN, Rio De Janeiro / TIM / 2017


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The Emoti Sounds is a plug-in for the most popular screen reader in the world that brings much more emotion to their lives with a simple idea: giving sounds to Emoticons. Now they are able to “speak” and understand the new global language* by hearing genuine emotions. “Emoticon kiss” has become a real kiss sound. “Emoticon laughing" has become real laugh. And more than 70 Emoticons having been brought to life. Because for them, hearing is a way of seeing.

*According to BBC.


First we identified the most popular Emoticons from social networks. Then, in partnership with one of the biggest Institutes in the world for visually impaired students, we recorded sounds to represent each one of the Emoticons. And finally we’ve created an update for NVDA, the most famous screen reader in the world. Cold narrations are out, real emotions are in.


The video presenting the idea instantly became viral reaching 200.000 people in just two weeks, which helped us with an increase of 32% of fans on our Facebook page. Many important people started to talk about the idea, including the Sao Paulo Government that said: “Simple Amazing!” And the president of Benjamin Constant Institute that compared the idea to ideas that have completely changed the visually impaired lives by saying: “Braille, Audio-guide and now the Emoti Sounds.” In the end of the second month we’ve already had more than 95 million dollars in earned media, more than 100 million impressions. But best of all, we got more than 20 thousand downloads worldwide in one month.

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