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Empezá de Cero (Start from Scratch)

HAVAS MEDIA GROUP, Buenos Aires / DANONE / 2016

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We wanted to develop an action with great visibility to generate brand awareness, which, at the same time, our target—MILLENNIALS—would find INSPIRING.

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the target, we had a strong grasp on their interests and values. We reached the conclusion that they are altruistic people, who prioritize what they consider quality of life over work and routine and are especially committed to sustainable consumption. This led us to develop a sustainable BTL action.

Within the “Empezá de Cero” (Start from Scratch) campaign, the “Huella de Agua” (Water Print) initiative was developed for Levite Cero along with Biograffiti.

With an understanding of the target of Levite Cero, its characteristics and the importance of creating meaningful connections, the brand was offered the opportunity to develop an action within the strategy of its “Empezá de Cero” campaign.

Considering the campaign’s limited budget, a primarily digital media strategy was chosen.

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