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Empowering children on seatbelt safety

MSLGROUP, Shanghai / AXA / 2016

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Economic prosperity and rising urbanization are fueling growth in China’s auto industry. As car sales boom, so do accidents--18,500 children die annually in car crashes, making it the leading cause of death for children aged 3-14.

By focusing on a corporate citizenship campaign around children’s seatbelt safety--where simple actions could save lives--we could evolve AXA to a more active/engaging force for a safer society and its brand position from “Protection in Action” to “AXA Actively Protects.”


With its one-child policy, Chinese parents are very protective of their children. 85% of Chinese parents don’t use seatbelts for their children, preferring to keep them safe in their arms. While many parents are set in their ways, they would listen to their children. By teaching children seatbelt safety, we could instill good habits early in their lives, and, through children, we could also influence their parents to change their ways.


A six-month campaign:


Created a hip-hop children’s anthem to share among children and parents


1-Credible NGO Partnership:

Partnered with a government-backed NGO on children’s welfare--China Children and Teenager Foundation

2-“No Belt, No Drive” Mobile Classroom:

Buses visited 43 communities in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou in 5 months to deliver high-impact teaching moments

3-Influencer Engagement and powerful social conversation:

--50+ social media influencers in areas of parenting, health, safety, environmental protection and charity pushed critical messages across their networks

--Maintained dedicated WeChat account with content ranging from smart life tips to inspirational stories about health, road safety, financial education, digital protection, environment and charity

--Led consumers to sign an online pledge to promise action

4-Earned media campaign:

Earned 1400+ stories in TV, print and social, leveraging launch event, mobile classroom’s visit to each location

5-Advertising and Promotion:

Out-of-home, car stickers and t-shirts



90,000+ people signed the pledge

1,300,000+ Website Page Views

125,000+ children and parents engaged with the No Belt, No Drive mobile classroom

680,000+ were exposed to No Belt, No Drive campaign

170,000+ followed our WeChat account

Extremely high feedback scores from on-the-ground surveys:

-91% agree to change their behavior on road safety issues

-96% would invite others to join the campaign and sign the pledge


An independent study showed that 94% agree that partnering with AXA makes sense, positively influencing brand image on all dimensions

1400+ earned media stories which are all positive

77% positively linked AXA with the citizenship campaign


34% consideration to purchase

15% intention to buy

“Thanks to the event, my son reminds me every time when he gets into the car,” said a mom whose son participated in the campaign.

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