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LEO BURNETT , Sydney / CANON / 2010


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We knew that people find inspiration in galleries and exhibitions by seeing through other people’s eyes. We decided to give photographers the opportunity to not just view an exhibition, but to create their own. Our solution was to create ‘PHOTO5’ – a unique gallery that didn’t just showcase one persons way of seeing, but thousands. We began with a brown cardboard box containing 5 simple items. Each item acted as a brief, which we invited photographers to shoot in their own creative interpretation, to form the content of the exhibition. The PHOTO5 exhibition showcased over 7000 photographs, each a different way of interpreting one of the 5 items. By inspiring individuals, the PHOTO5 Gallery went on to inspire the masses.


The PHOTO5 promotion created a unique insight into photography for amateur photographers, and in turn created a new dialogue between the photographic community and the Canon EOS brand:- All 7000 PHOTO5 boxes were claimed within 72 hours of the campaign launch- The boxes had an 88% redemption rate of photos uploaded- PHOTO5 became one of the most widely publicised photographic events in Australasia- Canon EOS has risen to a record 67% market share during the campaign period

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