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WIEDEN+KENNEDY, New York / ESPN / 2013

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People say when you’re a fan, you’re a fan for life, but that may be a little shortsighted. These are the stories of fans who don’t just dedicate their lives to their team, they dedicate their deaths as well. In this short film, directed by Errol Morris, we examine a subculture of fans who have team-related funerals, burials and cremations. They’re die-hard fans in the truest sense.

“Team Spirit” is part of ESPN’s “IT’S NOT CRAZY, IT’S SPORTS” brand campaign – an effort to expose fans and the greater public to truths that are normal in the world of sports, yet outside of it, are anything but. The campaign celebrates all the bizarre, inspiring, ridiculous, random and loveable ways sports affect culture and our lives.


Audiences were led to the film by three trailers that were broadcast on ESPN’s TV channels. When going to ESPN’s YouTube channel, visitors were greeted with a page takeover that let them watch the film and that also led them to the films own home on YouTube. Facebook, Twitter and film blogs linked to the film, drawing in even more of an audience. Roger Ebert even tweeted the link.


“Team Spirit” went live on ESPN’s YouTube channel and within just a couple of short days, we had well over one million views. The film was written about and talked about on major news outlets, pop culture blogs, film sites and sports blogs. It also helped bring in a new audience to ESPN, because of the compelling stories and major involvement by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris.

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