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The Secret Life Of Pets 2 was the most solid film we had to release in the year 2020. We were aware of the film's box office success and saw this as a good opportunity to increase the numbers on our streaming service with a unique idea.

Our goal was to take advantage of the movie's great potential to make the streaming platform more well-known through new accesses, to generate engagement for the brand on social media and to bring in as many free trial users as possible in that period.


Estopinha and his father won fans over with funny video posts, always amusing the public with everyday situations.

That's when we created a short dramatic comedy about the duo trying to pick a movie to watch together on our streaming service's mobile app.

We played with the well-known difficult temper of Pinschers and the father's soothing personality as contrast and to captivate the audience's attention in a good-natured way.

Spoiler Alert: in the end, after a few tries, Estopinha surrendered to his favorite movie and enjoyed The Secret Life Of Pets 2 alongside his father.


When we started the project, we did extensive research to determine which was the most beloved pet on social media in Brazil and we had no doubt when we discovered Estopinha.

From the beginning, we knew that focusing on the Pet Lovers' niche would be the best way to make a splash on social media.

Our social media were filled with messages of love and praise. The audience loved that we chose a doggy and its owner to star in a commercial that didn't even look like a commercial.

Our approach was to tell the story in the most natural way possible, as Estopinha and his father do on their own social media. That was the crucial factor for the success of the video.


The process of recording the videos was carried out in a few hours and with a team of just 5 people. Our biggest concern from the beginning was to always make the dog comfortable. The production staff treated Estopinha like a king.

We posted the video on the same day on all of our digital platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) and simultaneously on Estopinha's social media pages.

That made a difference in reaching the fan base as well as a larger number of people. In a few hours, the story was being shared by several personal profiles and on Pet Lovers' pages, increasing the video's scale.


The results exceeded all our expectations and we achieved our goal: to engage the audience with the brand, to bring in new free trials to the platform and to make it more well-known to the general public.

Final results:


+ 10m impact

+ 700k comments - no haters

+ 230% new accesses on the platform

+ 120% new free trials on that period

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