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Eti Puf Music Academy

MILKLAB , Istanbul / ETI / 2020

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Eti Puf was launched in 1979 as an innovative product with an innovative packaging and became a cult product with its taste and entertaining communication in a short period of time. However, the competition conditions in its category got harder and harder as years passing by. While new brands opened to the market, existing brands tried to gain strength with innovations as well. Eti Puf had to gain its power back to bring the brand into the forefront, re-design and enrich the product experience and create a strong bond with the younger generation while it kept the connection with existing consumers.

Moreover, enriching the product experience by new packages and bringing new and different news to points of purchase in order to become more visible in retail field displays were very important objectives of the campaign.


Eti Puf, one of Turkey’s most loved and well-established biscuit brand, created a digital experience that started from product packaging. As an “ageless” brand, Eti Puf chose an ageless way of communication, music to engage with its consumers and presented a unique AR music experience through its new mobile app: Eti Puf Music Academy. Eti Puf renewed its product packaging and re-designed them as compatible with the app to provide an offline to online experience and let their users to turn any surface into a musical instrument. In that way, Eti Puf would be able to say that “There were not only an edible product under our packages anymore but also a new way of fun!”


We knew that our target audience, 6-12 years old girls and boys were in search of experiences with music and gaming: two of most important tools to get recognized by them. We aim to create an experience for users to “turn any surface into an instrument” with the help of product packaging and the Eti Puf Music Academy app. Through TV and targeted online ads, brand let the audience know and invited them “to be the star of the stage”.

We planned to partner with influencers in which they designed their own DIY instruments and created music. Since DIY was the most popular Youtube category among our target audience, it was important to explain that this campaign is not just the app itself, but a whole idea about being productive, creative and sharing personal experiences. This would help us to design a two-sided communication.


Eti Puf renewed its packaging so users could collect 8 musical notes and launched the Eti Puf Music Academy mobile application. Anyone who collects the notes can turn any surface into an instrument via the help of AR supported application camera. The application has three different instrument modes: Piano, Guitar and Drum. Users can either play popular and classic songs via “Play a Song” or create their own music via “Free Play”. The application also has DIY video contents to encourage its users to design their own DIY pianos, guitars or drums to glue collected musical notes on them and play their “cartoon instruments” with the help of the app.360-degree media campaign is created utilising TV, digital channels, social media and retail points (point of purchase activations) to communicate with the audience.


Mobile application was downloaded 778,208 times since August 2019 (According to independent mobile attribution and analytics company, Adjust) and made the trending list on Apple App Store and Google Play in the first week it was launched as users started to share their own DIY instruments and performance on YouTube and Instagram organically.

• Over 80.000 Monthly Active Users were generated.

Also, brand health scores have changed according to IPSOS Brand Health Tracking Report:

• Brand awareness score was increased by 5 points (from 89% to 94%) among younger target audience.

• Product Consideration and Trial scores were also increased by 5 and 21 points respectively, compared to previous year among younger generation.

• We’ve reached the highest image scores of the last 4 years for “Different, Young, Pleasing, Humorous, I feel close to” brand attributes.

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