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The story of the film revolves around how life is not only about being the best; it’s about every lost breath that gets you closer to your ambitions. It's the journey of an athlete that wakes up after hours to have the world as his practice playground; he trains himself throughout the night all along the road from his home to his playground to finally reach his destination at dawn, and put his overnight training and skills to the test.


The Product:

Panasonic GH3 Camera. A compact sized affordable camera.

The Brief:

This film is a branded content that demonstrates the camera’s capabilities in shooting professional high quality film in a one-man crew guerrilla filmmaking style using minimum resources.

The Strategy:

To market the camera equally to amateurs and professionals.

Panasonic wanted to prove that, as a consumer, you could achieve professional results with typical amateur resources.

The Solution:

Panasonic planed to assign 1 filmmaker who would accept the challenge to script, shoot, edit, grade and direct the film with no budget. And in return Panasonic will offer a camera, promote and feature him and credit his team on Panasonic’s global website and official youtube channel.

The Challenge:

Shooting the film with a restricted amount of resources in order to simulate the typical scenario of an amateur using the camera, this mean using:

- Minimum cast

- Minimum crew

- Minimum equipment

- Available locations

- No budget

The production plan:

With such challenge, I first needed to put myself into an amateur’s shoe to prove that amateurs can produce such quality with their limited resources.

The first challenge in hand is to find a way to hire people who are willing to do the job with no budget. So I restricted the crew and cast to the circle of friends.


The script should revolve around the cast that would be a friend rather than a professional actor. So I wrote the script around my basketball player friend.



I only used one camera with its kit lens, in addition to 1 extra lens.

Camera support:

I restricted it to 1 tripod and 1 monopod only.


I had to harness the available ambient lights. Mainly through streetlight as the main source, then use other controllable light sources such as my car’s headlights and only 1 battery powered palm sized LED light for 50$ from ebay. All lights had to be either available or affordable for amateurs.


I limited the choice of location to 1 kilometer radius around where I live, to prove the point that with the right angles you can get creative with mundane locations around you without the need for a car.

Music and Sound design:

An original score was composed by a friend, along with sound design that was added to it.

Voice over:

I had to find a friend who was not a professional voice over artist, yet sound like one.

Cast & Crew:

It was only 1 cast and I was the only crew. With the only exception of the aerial scene where I used for one day a friend who has a hobby of flying RC copters.

Technical objectives:

We shot most of the film at night to show the camera’s capability in shooting in low light conditions using mainly available ambient streetlights.

The aerial scene was shot to highlight the lightweight advantage of the camera that enabled us to use a compact RC Helicopter to get great creative angles.

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