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DM9DDB, Sao Paulo / MCDONALD'S / 2018

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The Brazilians behavior on the internet are well known. We act crazy!

And one of the craziest things we do online is troll the actor Tyler James Williams. On his every single photo on Instagram.

He has 2,500 average comments on his profile, and that number can be 400% higher when the photo has an obvious connection with ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ quotes.

So, if Brazilians are there to repeat the same comments on and on for 4 years straights, that makes Tyler James Williams the perfect influencer to launch the new McDonald’s Free Refills.

We created 3 contents with the actor: a teaser on his profile, the campaign launch on McDonald’s brand channel and a 3rd one on both. All of them inviting Brazilians to meet something that really worth repeating: the new Free Refills at McDonald’s.


We started with a teaser on Tyler’s profile which the actor spoke directly with his Brazilians followers.

Couple day later we released the film campaign on McDonald’s brand channels (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

A 3rd content was created to support the campaign on McDonald’s and Tyler’s profiles.

We also created contents for interactions on Facebook, connecting the campaign to some quotes from the show.


In the first 24h of the campaign, the actor Tyler James Williams gained 100,000 new followers.

The teaser content hit more than 30,000 comments, 1165% more than Tyler’s average rating (2,500). All organic.

On the launch, the video hit almost 60 million impressions and became news all over the Brazilian internet, even becoming a Hot Trend on Google Trends.

Our second video on both profiles hit more than 11,000 comments, including one from the also ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actor Terry Crews.

But for us the best result is that we found an expressive number of comments mixing a quote from the show with our refills: ‘Refil Maneiro’ (which means Nice Refills).

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