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Microsoft is one of the more philanthropic and generous companies of the world, aligning all its giving around their business assets following their mission: “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

On the other hand, The Real Madrid Foundation develops its social and cultural awareness programs in more than 70 countries, and helps over 50.000 boys and girls at risk of social exclusion, to have a better life.

As part as their agreement and partnership, both companies decided that they were going to help and donate technology to schools both in Africa and South America, the first two are in Peru and Morocco.

But the objective was not just send material, education and technology, but also give visibility to the problem of undeveloped and underequipped schools, engaging and making people realize that we all have to get involved to solve the problem.


We filmed a video in which Marcelo explained the mechanic of the idea. We filmed the kids and teachers at the respective school in need in Peru, and Marcelo via skype talked to the kids to salute them in “person”. In Tanger, we also filmed the school and a group of kids were received in Spain by Marcelo in person, who appeared by surprise to meet and greet them and play footbal with them. The kids were amazingly surprised. The video was posted by Marcelo and Microsoft in the different channels.

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