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The increasingly powerful cameras in today's smartphones has led to that Swedes takes more photos than ever. According to a nationwide survey by Sifo, that was conducted as a basis for the campaign, nine out of ten Swedes regularly use the camera in their phone to photograph. Also revealed great interest in learning more about photo editing in the mobile phone.

Adobe has a strong position among professionals andsemi-professional digital creators.

The assignment consisted of introducing Adobe to a broader audience that are curious and wants to learn more about photo editing, an area which Adobe is a world leader.

Goals of the campaign:

• Increase awareness of Adobe's photo editing tool Lightroom for mobile with 1%

• Increase Adobe's brand awareness by 5%

• Increase sales of Adobe Photography Plan CC by 5%

In order to:

? Introduce Adobe to a wide new target audience

? Increase customer


1 – Preparation

We started by performing a nationwide survey on the Swedes' photography habits. This aimed at creating a better understanding of the target group and its needs, but also provided us with facts that could be taken into interesting news angles in media.

2 – Influencers and journalists

Prior to the launch of the photo contest, we collaborated with selected influencers. These were invited to shoot their best pictures on any photo spot. Journalists were invited to a press meeting where they were given the opportunity to try the competition.

3 – Media process

During the competition period, we continued to draw attention to Adobe and Exhibition Stockholm by pitching news angles based on the results of the nationwide survey.

4 – Wrap up

The campaign was finalized with an exhibition in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, also in augmented reality, where the pictures with the most votes were displayed

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