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We needed to create a way to turn a regular ID Badge in to something they could use on their daily routine and in to a symbol that could make them feel recognizable and proud.

That's why we created the Extreme ID: an ID badge that is also a tool for exploring the world.

We studied their routines and needs to develop a product that could help make their jobs easier and to make them feel safer to explore further. This research guided our choice of 10 features to transform a simple ID in to a fundamental Explorer's item.

More than a mere identification, the Extreme ID is a powerful symbol that embodies what National Geographic is: a brand that believes the world was meant to be explored.


The Extreme ID has 10 different features that can help an Explorer on their daily tasks and if they ever face an emergency.

1. Built-in GPS with Panic button to be found when lost.

2. NFC chip with all their medical informations, in case of being found unconcious.

3. Eureka Button, a tool to save on a digital map interesting places to research later.

4. Flashlight.

5. Solar Panel to recharge the system.

6.Anti-Mosquito Button that turns on a special radio frequency that can make mosquitoes go away.

7. Chlorine Capsules to turn water into clean water.

8. The string is made of Paracord 550, a strong braided rope that can hold up to 550 pounds.

9. Flint to start a fire anywhere.

10. A whistle to be found in the woods.

All this comes in a lightweighted package that can resist the extreme conditions that these Explorers face every day.

The ID was designed to highlight Nat Geo's famous Yellow Border, to be recognizible from any distance and to be a symbol of the work we have been doing for the last 130 years.


Our Explorers were fascinated with the news: the word quickly spread between them and the feedback couldn't be better. They felt remembered, safer and part of something bigger. A new batch of IDs are already under production. The idea is to expand the project for the next year, and we aim to cover our entire Latin America crew of Explorers very soon.

But most important: National Geographic's Yellow Border is now more than ever present on the fields, forests, caves and rivers, as a reminder of the brand's powerful connection with nature.

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