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Singapore was suffering a dry spell and 1,000 forest fires were sending harmful haze to the city. On the back of this Eye Mo wanted to engage the general public - since these moisturizing and anti-irritant drops protect eyes. The slim budget (S$7,500) did not allow mass media, so we opted for a promotion - directly addressing press for amplification.

Singapore regulations on OOH being strict (graffiti/street paintings forbidden, littering with stickers/flyers a crime) we found an approach that worked within the laws and also created cultural relevance. The branded message was disguised as street art performance. At 8 sites a local calligraphy artist used only water to draw eyes on the pavement. As they dried away, speakers delivered the payoff: “Do not let your eyes go dry. Use Eye Mo.”

Obviously a captivating demonstration for keeping eyes moisturized in heat and haze - 100% on product/brand. And: delivery as musical art performance, the local artist made and the content we provided made for great press stories.

Beyond active engagement on site (+/-1,000), the stunt aggregated non-paid reach of 32,402,878 people across APAC (2,315,000 in Singapore = 45% population). Advertising value: S$70,465. PR value: S$211,390. ROI of over 3000%!


Abiding by the strict Singaporean laws on out-of-home (no littering, no graffiti, no stickers) the performance used water and sound only: Underscored by music the artist drew eyes on the pavement using water. As they dried away, the message was delivered via speakers: “Do not let your eyes go dry. Use Eye Mo.” The audience was invited to participate in drawing, creating live engagement. This performance took place at 8 iconic locations across town. To amplify the local stunts and create earned media impact, additional content was circulated: a homestory of the artist and a video of the drawing process. These were given to press and bloggers together with an invite for the performance. This content and the PR outreach helped amplify the physical stunt.


The cultural and localized story cleverly enveloped the branded message. And the direct involvement of press paid off: 11 non-paid media coverage in key local print and online; coverage in 4 of the nation’s news channels, cutting across various demographic segments and racial profiles (Channel News Asia, English; Channel 5, English; Channel 8, Chinese; Suria, Malay). This in turn generated broad awareness for the originating brand and its core message - gaining strong visibility right on the peak of the drought and haze. The goals of engaging the general public were achieved: not only 1,000 people on location - the whole campaign garnered an estimated non-paid reach of 32,402,878 people across 24 territories (including 2,315,000 public, non-paid reach based in Singapore). The campaign delivered an advertising value of S$70,465 and total PR Value of S$211,390 on a budget of only S$7,500 - an unbelievable return on investment of over 3000%.

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