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Inspired by the biggest emotion of all – love — our campaign celebrated all the visual beauty our eyes let us enjoy, and reminded women that there’s too much beauty in the world to let dry eyes be an interruption. In a category where most ads focused on closeup shots of irritated eyes, our campaign delivered an entirely new perspective on Dry Eye. One built on love. One that focused on all the things women love to do — and challenged them to love their eyes back. That’s what we call eyelove.

The campaign aspired to redefine the eye care category by making every piece a beauty for the eyes to behold. We looked for genuine moments and surprising insights our audience could relate to. We found real women living with Chronic Dry Eye. And Jennifer Aniston, People Magazine’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.


Debuting in August of 2016, the eyelove campaign struck an emotional chord with our audience and made an immediate impact on the market. By the end of 2016, prescription sales in the Dry Eye category had grown by 43%, on the heels of women deciding to show their eyes some eyelove by chatting with an eye doctor.

The eyelove campaign featured television and print in heavy rotation from September through December. During casting, we made sure every woman who appeared in our campaign actually had Dry Eye. We weren’t necessarily looking for a celebrity, but when we discovered an article in which Jennifer Aniston confessed she over-uses eye drops, we reached out and struck a deal. The combination of authentic women with real insight and A-list star power grabbed the hearts of our audience immediately.


43% surge in dry eye prescriptions from August – December. That’s a whole lot of people showing their eyes some love.

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