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Eyes on Gigi

KBS+, New York / BMW / 2016

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This is our version of the classic game of three-cup shuffle. Or as we call it: "Eyes on Gigi." Only here, the ball is international super model Gigi Hadid, and the cups are five identical 365-horsepower BMW M2s. We see Gigi get into one of the cars. But as they speed towards us in unison, just like the cups, they begin to switch positions. The viewer is challenged to keep their eyes on Gigi’s car until the end, when they are asked to pick which vehicle they think she in. The viewer is then invited to take a guess at, where they can watch entertaining video responses for both the correct and the incorrect answers.


On April 7, we will begin teasing the campaign on social media around the world, using both BMW’s and Gigi Hadid’s social channels -- Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. On April 14, the video goes live on YouTube, reaching fans and the intrigued --and ultimately driving them all to play on

MEANTIME… we’ve been developing an app to maximize consumer engagement and allow them to enjoy a 360? viewing experience on their mobile phone. The app becomes available in May and the enhanced experience continues on YouTube, Facebook and The campaign is planned to continue through September 2016.


With limited availability globally, the launch of the first-ever M2 reinforces BMW ownership of performance and driving dynamics. As a halo launch for the brand, the ultimate goals for the campaign were reach and awareness. Just two weeks after launch, the campaign has already garnered 13.1 million views of the 45-second video, and 4.94 million views of the 360 video across placements on both YouTube and Facebook. Overall consumer interest in M2 has increased as well, with a 52% lift in M2 mentions vs year-to-date, and a 49% increase in builds of the M2 on Now at the end of its second week, the campaign also has received major press coverage from international outlets such as Maxim, Vogue, InStyle, GQ, AdWeek and many more.

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