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JCP, Oslo / VOLVO / 2016

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Volvo have been humble about how innovative they are when it comes to technical features, it is the Scandinavian way to not brag. But for the pre-launch of the V90 they wanted to focus on their intelligent technology. This intelligent technology enables innovations that makes life easier for you, whether you are in the car or not. This is what the Volvo proposition, Designed Around You, stands for.

The task was clear:

Show Volvo's intelligent thinking and the many innovative features of the V90; exhibit the "Designed around you" philosophy; and most importantly gather data and "leads" for sales and test drives.


V was fun, playful and a little cheeky. V led the conversation. Her questions were about the user's likes, dislikes and life, but she always found a way to draw it back to a feature of the car. This enabled us to make each feature personally relevant to the user. It was key for us not to create another text based system, but something with human personality traits - this was achieved with playful conversation and a real voice was paramount.

V was incredibly intuitive with three sections: Points, conversation and content. The user needed to talk with V to unlock content, and the more you spoke and shared unique content, the more your relationship status improved.

The app was supported with a country wide display campaign; outdoor, digital and a campaign site that spoke to the user and beautifully took you through the concept and call to action.

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